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Flea Control and Exterminator Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera, CA 


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Is your living or business space under siege from a troublesome flea infestation, or have you detected just a few of these persistent pests? Don't let a minor inconvenience spiral into an overwhelming infestation! Act now and reach out to Speedy's Pest Solutions for a comprehensive solution. Take advantage of a complimentary inspection and on-site estimate tailored to your unique situation.

Flea Exterminator | Los Angeles | Speedy's Pest Solutions

Fleas, known to thrive on a variety of warm-blooded animals, including dogs, cats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and even humans, are resilient parasites sustained by the blood of their hosts. Preferring humid and warm climates, fleas can swiftly reproduce in significant numbers.
With an ability to detect their hosts from a considerable distance, fleas become more prolific when homeowners and their pets are away for extended periods. Hunger drives them to reproduce rapidly upon their return. Among the various flea species, the cat flea stands out for its tendency to infest dogs.
Characterized by their diminutive size (approximately 1/8" long), wingless bodies, flattened profile, and piercing-sucking mouthparts, fleas boast well-developed legs that allow them to jump up to six inches vertically. Their color spectrum ranges from black to reddish-brown, and backward-projected spines cover their bodies, aiding movement between the host's hairs.
Achieving effective flea control necessitates a collaborative approach encompassing three crucial steps: sanitation, insecticide application, and animal/pet flea control.
Prior to Speedy's Pest Solutions delivering flea control services, a meticulous vacuuming of carpets is essential to eliminate flea larvae, pupae, and food materials. This process also aids in loosening debris from carpet fibers, allowing the pesticide to penetrate the base where flea larvae typically reside.
Simultaneously, it's imperative to promptly treat pets through a veterinarian, pet groomer, or the owner on the same day the house undergoes treatment. Outdoors, items such as toys, pet food bowls, and clothing should be removed before the broad application of insecticides in the yard and surrounding areas.

Flea Exterminator | Los Angeles | Speedy's Pest Solutions
Flea Exterminator | Los Angeles | Speedy's Pest Solutions

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