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Bed Bug Exterminator Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera, CA


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Speedy's Pest Solutions, your trusted partner in effective and competitively priced bed bug control. Our proven strategies ensure the complete elimination of bed bugs, addressing infestations with precision.

Why Choose Speedy's Pest Solutions:

  • Expertise: Our professionals are trained to tackle bed bug problems effectively.

  • Comprehensive Inspection: Thorough inspections pinpoint harborage sites, including those in unexpected places.

  • Fast Reproduction: Early detection is crucial to prevent a minor issue from escalating.

  • Guaranteed Elimination: Our customized programs and special rates ensure complete elimination and ongoing protection.


Bed Bug Exterminator | Fresno, Madera, Los Angeles | Speedy's Pest Solutions

About Bed Bugs:

Picture this: the adult bed bug, ovate and measuring 3/16 inch, in a distinctive red or mahogany hue. When unfed, they are oblate and slender, but after a blood meal, they transform into an expanded, rounded, and red form. Females lay one to five eggs daily, accumulating 200 to 500 in their lifetime.
Detection is key, and our services cover it all—live and dead bed bugs, cast skins, eggs, and droppings.

Bed Bug Exterminator | Fresno, Madera, Los Angeles | Speedy's Pest Solutions

Worldwide Spread:

For decades, bed bugs have plagued major metropolitan areas, swiftly infiltrating less populated regions. They travel through relocation, immigration, used furniture, and moving vans/trailers. Their elusive nature, seeking shelter beyond beds in places like picture frames, baseboards, and electrical switch plates, makes thorough inspection imperative.
Bed bugs thrive in gyms, stores, offices, and personal items, hitching rides unnoticed. Swift action is vital, given their rapid reproduction.

Take Action Now:

Don't let bed bugs seize control of your space. Contact Speedy's Pest Solutions, your qualified service professional, to reclaim your dwelling or business. Our customized programs and special rates come with a guarantee of complete elimination and a lasting barrier of protection.
Act swiftly, and let us bring peace back to your living or working space!

Speedy's Pest Solutions Bed Bug Extermination
Bed Bug Exterminator | Fresno, Madera, Los Angeles | Speedy's Pest Solutions

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