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Serving the entire Madera County area.


Speedy’s Pest Solutions® Madera pest control is conveniently located near you. We service surrounding cities in your area such as in Madera, Ahwahnee, Bass Lake, Chowchilla, Coarsegold, North Fork, 
O'Neals, Oakhurst, Raymond, Wishon
 and many more areas.
  within Madera County
We offer competitive exterminating services for residential, commercial and industrial establishments, tailored to adapt to all your pest control demands. While offering solutions to solve all of your pest issues, Speedy's understands the importance of maintaining your property pest free on a regular basis. 



Maintenance Services:

One Time, Monthly, Every Other Month, and Quarterly service plans; depending on the severity of your pest issues. 


Experience the most comprehensive pest control services in Madera with the top-rated company

Are you experiencing problems with insects or wild animals in your residential or commercial property? If so, are you looking for a comprehensive pest control service in Madera? Speedy's Pest Solutions can provide you with the best pest solutions. Our thorough and professional inspections ensure that your property is free of pest intruders. 


Our technicians are trained to eradicate invading pests and ensure they don't return. We only use eco-friendly and effective materials, which provide protection and safety for your pets and family members. 

Plans centered on maintenance 

For commercial, industrial and residential properties, we offer the most up-to-date methods of pest control in Madera. 


  • For our pest inspectors, no area is too large.

  • Pests are kept at bay for an extended period of time with our services, but we understand the need to reapply. Since the intensity of infestation varies for each area, the number of decontamination protocols also varies.

Animal control services with a civilized approach


*As part of our Madera animal control services, we don't euthanize the trapped pests as we respect their right to life. As a general rule, we use the most humanitarian pest control solutions - like sealing up potential entry points and setting traps at strategic locations to prevent pests from entering.

Once an animal is captured, it is humanely relocated to another location. We've been handling pests such as rats, opossums, skunks, snakes and many others for more than twenty-five years. All pests are permanently controlled or eradicated, as well as guaranteed shelter, thanks to our tailored care programs.

Make An Appointment!

Speedy’s Pest Solutions®  pest control company in Madera is open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm. We offer same day or next day service. General Insect Services come with a 30-day guarantee to control or eradicate your existing pest problem, with no annual service commitment. Call 877-951-7378

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