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Speedy's Pest Solutions
Pest Bacteria Disinfecting for Home and Business

Speedy’s offers the following Residential & Business service frequencies near you

Residential Bacteria Disinfecting Service in
Los Angeles, Ventura, Fresno and Madera Counties

Local Pest Control Same Day Service

Speedy's Pest Solutions
Pest Bacteria Disinfecting for Home and Business

Home and Business Disinfecting Fresno

Speedy's Pest Solutions understands the severity and detrimental health effects caused by air born bacteria and viruses produced by rodent feces, cockroaches and other pests.

 Speedy's Pest Solutions works hard to make sure your homes and businesses become sterile and free from bacteria and other viruses caused by pests.


Disinfecting Airborne Rodent and Cockroach Bacteria and Viruses

Airborne bacteria and viruses caused by rats, mice, cockroaches or other insects can remain unseen as they can settle in tiny fibers of carpets, sofas, drapes and curtains. These air born viruses can also cause respiratory illness to you or your loved ones.

Does disinfecting of furniture and other appliances get rid of pest viruses?

Yes. Once the rodents and insects causing the viruses have been removed or eliminated, disinfecting by direct contact to surfaces will assure long term results.

Thousand of people are affected each year by illnesses caused by airborne particles originating from rodents, cockroaches and other insects. People with low immunity's have a higher susceptibility; showing respiratory illness and skin disorders.

In the meantime, taking a proactive approach to disinfecting your home against viruses caused by rodents or insects can provide your home with a bacteria and virus free environment. 


 Speedy's Pest Solutions can disinfect, sanitize and sterilize the indoors or your home or business, eliminating viruses and bacteria caused by pest. We can prevent its spread of  by removing or eliminating the pest causing the illness in your home or business.


If your home has been affected by air born viruses caused by rodents or insects and want to make sure your home is bacteria and virus free, call us to schedule an appointment.

We offer free inspections and evaluations for your home or business.

 Call For Details and a Free Inspection!

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