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Wasp Removal Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera, CA 


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Experience a wasp-free haven with Speedy's Pest Solutions! Our expert services ensures precision and a meticulous wasp removal process, accompanied by a detailed inspection of these social yet territorial insects.

Whether nestled under your eaves or in the attic, our team is equipped to handle any situation. Act swiftly to prevent painful stings and safeguard your loved ones.

Wasp Removal
Discover nests hidden under your eaves or in the attic? Speedy's Pest Solutions will eliminate wasps efficiently and effectively. Our expert team ensures a thorough removal process, addressing the issue at its core.

Wasp Control | Los Angeles, Northridge | Speedy's Pest Solutions


Social wasps have the typical "wasp" body type that features a very distinct head with chewing mouthparts, short elbowed antennae, and large compound eyes. The thorax and abdomen are brightly marked with yellow, red, or brown on a black background. Wasps have four clear or smokey brown wings and a short narrow attachment between the thorax and the abdomen. The abdomen is spindled- shaped and tipped with a long stinger.

Yellow Jackets

Wasp Control | Los Angeles, Northridge | Speedy's Pest Solutions

Yellow jackets usually are marked with bright yellow and black patterns.They appear to be hairless and are about 3/8 to 5/8 inches long. The baldfaced hornet is similar in appearance except that it is black and white and 5/8 to 3/4 inch long


Wasp Control | Los Angeles, Northridge | Speedy's Pest Solutions

The giant European Hornet is yellow and brown and 3/4 to 1 3/8 inch long. Paper wasps can be distinguished from Yellow Jackets and Hornets because the there abdomen is tapered at the tip and at the point where it joins the thorax. They are sometimes marked with yellow, brown, or red patterns on black and are  5/8 to 3/4 inch long.

Comprehensive Inspection
Our services go beyond removal—we conduct comprehensive inspections to identify potential nesting sites and prevent future infestations. Count on us for a detailed assessment of your property.
Safe and Timely Intervention
We understand the urgency of wasp infestations. Our team ensures a prompt response, employing safe and efficient methods to rid your space of these territorial insects. Explore the detailed services offered by Speedy's Pest Solutions. Delve into our specialized wasp removal services and gain valuable insights into our approach. Choose Speedy's for expert wasp removal in Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera, CA, and enjoy a wasp-free living environment. Your safety is our priority! Don't wait—call us today for a complimentary inspection! Our dedicated team will assess the situation and provide a tailored solution to suit your needs.

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