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Rodent Control Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera, CA


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Speedy’s Pest Solutions meticulous methods are designed not only to eliminate rats and mice but also to prevent their return. Discover the excellence of our complete inspections and customized recommendations, all aimed at securing your home and business from rodent infestations—guaranteed!

Rodent Habits:
Rats are very similar to other rodents. Their two front teeth (incisors) are enlarged and continue to grow throughout the rat's lifetime. The after-effect is that rats get occupied in the constant gnawing of many different materials, which creates substantial destruction to homes. Rats have more hairs on their bodies than on their tails and ears.
They run on all four legs and are capable of standing upright on their two back legs. Even though related to other rodents; their tail length, size, color, hairs, and ears are commonly different from other rat species.

Rodent Control Service | Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera | Speedy's Pest Solutions

Services at a Glance

Effective Rodent Control:
At Speedy’s Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on strategic approaches that go beyond mere extermination. Our experts employ methods that ensure a long-lasting solution, keeping rodents out for good.

Comprehensive Inspections:

Uncover the root of the issue with our thorough inspections. Our qualified and experienced professionals identify the rodent species, understand their habits, and pinpoint all entry points. This detailed analysis forms the foundation for our tailored rodent control programs.

Rodent Control Service | Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera | Speedy's Pest Solutions

Customized Recommendations:

Our services extend beyond immediate solutions. We provide personalized recommendations to fortify the exterior perimeters of your property, creating a robust defense against future rodent invasions.

Efficient Repairs:

Once entry points are identified, our technicians discuss repair strategies with you. Scheduled repairs ensure a swift and effective resolution to vulnerabilities in your property's structure. 

Dual Services on the Same Day:

Streamlined processes allow us to perform trapping and rodent-proofing on the same day, optimizing efficiency without compromising quality.

Rodent Control Service | Los Angeles, Fresno, Madera | Speedy's Pest Solutions

Our rodent proofing projects come with a 3 - 5 year guarantee.

Our commitment doesn't end with a one-time service. Our technicians return at scheduled intervals, typically within a few days, to remove all rodents trapped within the structure and ensure the continued effectiveness of our solutions.

Quality Workmanship:

At Speedy’s Pest Solutions, we prioritize both the aesthetics and durability of our work. Our goal is not just to eliminate rodents but also to leave your property fortified against future infestations.

When it comes to rodent control in Los Angeles, our experienced professionals know how to accurately rodent-proof your premises, so you can forget about rodent problems and keep them out of your home and place of business for good.  The materials we use to rodent proof your home come with a 1-3 year guarantee workmanship. 

We deliver the latest rodent control strategies and techniques that will eliminate any rodent infestation. We are here to help establish peace of mind during the rodent removal process.


Explore more about our rodent control services and how we can safeguard your property at Speedy’s Pest Solutions. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out!

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