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Wasp Removal Los Angeles

Porter Ranch Wasp & Hornet Removal

Speedy's Pest Solutions can provide complete wasp removal and a full inspection of these social but territorial insects.

Wasp and Hornets nests can be found nesting under the eves of your home or in your attic, If they are encountered and disturbed, they can attack and cause serious injuries to you or your loved ones.

Don't wait to get stung or injured. Call today for a free inspection!

Social wasps have large nests which contain three types of individuals, or castes: Queens, Workers, and Males. The males and queens are produced in the colony in late summer. They mate, and the fertilized queen overwinters in a protected site. In the spring she seeks an appropriate nesting site in which she builds a paper nest using chewed-up wood fibers. Eggs are laid within the cells and the young larvae are fed bits of chewed meat or insect parts by the queen and later by the workers.


Social wasps have the typical "wasp" body type that features a very distinct head with chewing mouthparts, short elbowed antennae, and large compound eyes. The thorax and abdomen are brightly marked with yellow, red, or brown on a black background. Wasps have four clear or smokey brown wings and a short narrow attachment between the thorax and the abdomen. The abdomen is spindled- shaped and tipped with a long stinger.

Yellow Jacket Wasp


Yellow jackets usually are marked with bright yellow and black pattern.They appear to be hairless and are about 3/8 to 5/8 inch long. The baldfaced hornet is similar in appearance except that it is black and white and 5/8 to 3/4 inch long.

Hornet Wasp


The giant European Hornet is yellow and brown and 3/4 to 1 3/8 inch long. Paper wasps can be distinguished from Yellow Jackets and Hornets because the there abdomen is tapered at the tip and at the point where it joins the thorax. They are sometimes marked with yellow, brown or red patterns on black and are  5/8 to 3/4 inch long.

Whatever the species of these flying-biting insects; they can a pose a threat to you or your loved ones. Don't wait for it to be too late!

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