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Bird Removal

Bird Repellent are what these pigeons need
Bird Trapping and Relocation
Bird Feces Removal from Solar Panels

Speedy's Pest Solutions

has great concern about the public living in a disease free environment, which is why we offer non-lethal methods such as bird control, deterrents, bird netting and spiking, feces removal and decontamination, proactive measures and long-term maintenance.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals will remove your pigeon or bird problem safely and effectively, without any hassles of exposure to you, your family or customers.

 We provide bird control and pigeon removal services in Los Angeles

Pigeon Removal and Solar Panel Screening

Birds play an important part of our natures habitat, flora & fauna. However, when they begin to migrate on to building structures, homes, and businesses, they create their nesting areas and create problems in our living environments by spreading disease, ectoparasites, and property destruction. Along from just being a beautiful species of bird, pigeons are associated with diseases such as Histoplasmosis, a fatal respiratory disease, Candidiasis, a fungus that spreads onto the human skin and the respiratory system. Cryptococcosis, affecting the pulmonary and central nervous system, Salmonellosis, disease bacteria from dried feces dust of pigeons that are transmitted on to food such as in restaurant establishments. E.coli, an infection transmitted by pigeons through their feces onto food or water.

   Speedy's Pest Solutions
bird control in Los Angeles offers non-lethal methods such as various deterrents, netting and cleaning

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