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 Spider Control 

Northridge Spider Exterminating Services

When it comes to spider control; just as in ant or roach control, knowing the species and classification is essential in a successful spider exterminating program. 
Speedy's Pest Solutions experts can identify different types of spiders that are venomous to determine the most appropriate plan of control. If someone in your home or business has a compromised immune system and inflicted by one of their bites, it can cause serious health issues.

 Among many spider classifications, some of our major concerns in household spiders are the Black Widows (female) Brown Widows (male) and the Brown Recluse.

Brown Recluse


Brown Widow


Other household spider classifications pose little or no threat to humans. But their webs sure do make a mess out of your home !
However, when wanting to keep your home safe and clean of these natural predators, Speedy’s can provide safe and complete control of these and other common pest invaders.

Daddy Longleg

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