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Bee Removal in Los Angeles

Beehive Removal Services in Northridge Serving Los Angeles County

Speedy's Pest Solutions provides same-day honey bee removal in Los Angeles, Northridge, and Porter Ranch residents. Whether you are experiencing a bee problem for the first time or dealing with a reoccurring problem. We are here to help!

Bee Removal



Each year hundreds of human fall prey to Killer Bees which are rapidly spreading throughout the continent. Killer bees owe its origin to an accident when some 26 African Queen Bees escaped with a troop of European Worker Bees from an experimental apiary in 1957. Since then they have been cross breeding among themselves and also with some other species of European bees to give birth to this deadly form of bee-commonly known as the Killer Bee.


Why are killer bees so deadly?


What makes this bee so dangerous in comparison to the other bees is that they get very easily agitated even at the smallest disturbance. Furthermore, what causes their sting to be fatal is that they don’t attack their victims singularly but rather attack its victim in swarms, stinging its prey repeatedly that it ultimately becomes fatal.


Who do these bees attack?


These bees do not only attack humans. Even animals have fallen prey to their stings. Many people have lost their beloved pets to these bees. What further increases the danger of these bees is that they are not just limited to the country side.


They make their homes in nooks and crannies of your urban settlements as well posing great danger to all those who live in the vicinity of such swarms. Knowingly or unknowingly, if any one happens to disturb them, then it becomes very difficult to save that person from the wrath of these bees. However, beehive removal should under no circumstances be undertaken without the proper knowledge and gear, unless you are looking for an open invitation for danger.


The best way to get rid of bees


We understand how important it is for us as a world community to save our precious planet, ecology and environment. We also consider the safety and well being of our society. While we strive to save European Honey Bees for our pollination, we also keep in mind the cross-bread effect it has had on them. This being the case, the affected bee, or (Africanized Bee) will not allow itself to be saved.

They become highly hostile to any deterrent, sedative or any natural customary way of removing or relocating them. It takes a qualified bee specialist to determine whether the bee has been altered or labeled "Africanized" in order for it to become a dangerous threat to people or animals alike.


We at Speedy Pest Solutions offer the best approach to beehive removal in Porter Ranch, Northridge, and other areas of Los Angeles. We can safely remove and relocate the docile bees and relocate them to a local apiary.


How our experts can help?


With years of experience in performing bee hive removal in Northridge,Porter Ranch, and

extending ourselves to other areas of Los Angeles; our professionals have developed a good understanding of the behavior of these bees. Armed with experience as well as their knowledge, they have developed strategies through which they can remove these bees in the safest and least possible amount time.


What do our professionals use to tackle aggressive or "africanized" bees?


Although being certified experts, our bee professionals take up a number of precautionary measures in order to keep themselves safe from the aggressive bees harm. Among these measures is their high quality protective gear and treatment options they use for proper elimination.


What else do we do?


Not only do our professionals assist you in the removal of these bees, but they also provide bee proofing methods to prevent bees from re-entering the structure of your home.


If you are located near Northridge, Porter Ranch, or near by areas of Los Angeles, we would be more than happy to serve you. So contact us today to find your Speedy's Pest Solutions!





Speedy's Pest Solutions beehive removal experts are here to help!

WARNING: Please do not approach bees; they may feel threatened and respond in a hostile way.

Call one of our Speedy’s certified experts, specialized in bee control and removal. We can safely remove & relocate your European Honey Bees. Call today!

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