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Rodent Control in Los Angeles

Rodent Proofing will keep them out

Speedy’s Pest Solutions 
provides rodent control services in Los Angeles by using methods strategically executed on the structure, in order to effectively remove rats and mice, and keep them out for good. 
We also provide complete inspections and recommendations to prevent rodents from infesting the exterior perimeters of your home and place of business...Guaranteed!

Rodent Control for your home or business


Rats are very similar to other rodents. Their two front teeth (incisors) are enlarged and continue to grow throughout the rat's lifetime. The after effect is that rats get occupied in constant gnawing of many different materials, which create substantial destruction to homes. Rats have more hairs on the body than on their tails and ears.

They run on all four legs and are capable of standing upright on their two back legs. Even though related to other rodents; their tail length, size, color, hairs, and ears are commonly different from other rat species.


Norway rats are big and plump, but roof rats are long and slender.The roof rat's tail is longer than the rat's body, while the tail of the Norway rat is usually not as long as its body. The heads of rats range from rounding with forked noses to pointed and long. Rats and Mice not only spread diseases and pollute food, they also gnaw through power wiring and walls, destroying your property and creating unwanted costly repairs. Rats and Mice can procreate very fast. Depending on the size of the litters, one rat can have a breed of 21 to 48 pups per year, making them one of the most destructive that can invade a structure or property.


Before we can assess any rodent control program on your property, one of our qualified and experienced service professionals will first identify the rodent species that has invaded your property. This will help the technician pinpoint the rodent’s habits and markings, allowing to find all points of entry. The technician will then determine all access points to rodents and will discuss with you how the areas will be repaired before correcting them. Our office staff members will then schedule a Speedy’s service technician to perform all repairs. Once points of entry or rodent proofing are conducted, the technician will make sure that both cosmetics & durability of the work is resolved. Both trapping and rodent proofing can be performed on the same day. The technician will then return on scheduled intervals, usually within a few days, to take out all rodents trapped within the structure.


Our rodent proofing projects come with a 3 - 5 year guarantee.



When it comes to rodent control in Los Angeles, our experienced professionals know how to accurately rodent proof your premises, so you can forget about rodent problems and keep them out of your home and place of business for good. 

                  The materials we use to rodent proof your home come with a 1-3 year guarantee workmanship. 

            We deliver the latest rodent control strategies and techniques that will eliminate any rodent infestation.

                          We are here to help establish peace of mind during the rodent removal process.


By far, the most common rodents to invade structures are the Roof Rat and the House Mouse. There are other rodents that cause destruction and damage but the one of most concern that destroys electrical wiring, contaminate walls, insulation in attics with feces and urine in your home or business are rats and mice. Speedy's Pest Solutions can eliminate and control any rodent activity within the structure of your residence or commercial establishment.

Speedy’s Pest Solutions is a trusted pest control business licensed in California by the Structural Pest Control Board. Speedy’s                                            has an A+ rating and has been serving the community of Los Angeles for over 30 years.

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