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Is Pest Control Safe?

Updated: Mar 21

As consumers, we want to make sure that we are getting the best merchandise or service for our monies. But more importantly, we are concerned about our health and the health of those we care about. We are also becoming more and more conscientious about what we eat and being around environmental pollutants. When it comes to pest control, we want to make sure that it is safe to have around our homes and businesses.

Over the years, the pest management industry has received a lot of criticism and heat over not being safe to use around children, pets or in or around homes. In the last thirty years, pest control has made a drastic turn around for the better by providing, non-carcinogenic solutions for the control and eradication of pest. Working hand in hand with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture), the industry now regulates its pesticides to be non-evasive to humans and animals, yet very effective to insects and other target pests.

Our society has grown accustomed to using over the counter household cleaners, brand named chlorinated solutions and disinfectants with pleasant odor's. These over the counter products, compared to the toxicity in pest control products that are being used by professional Pest Control Operators, (Businesses), today are substantially much lower & safer to use. Thanks to mandatory regulations, public health awareness, chemical manufacturers have developed and are developing pest control products that do not persist in our environment. Products used for pest management today are biodegradable & have a short, yet highly effective life span providing outstanding results.

You can trust Speedy's to use the most current and innovative pesticides & methods that are safe when used and handled by a qualified & licensed professional from Speedy's Pest Solutions.

We also provide pest control solutions that do not require the use of pesticides.

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