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Reasons Why You Need Snake Fencing Around Your Property

Updated: Mar 20

Most wild life predators live in California - a state with plenty of natural habitat on the outskirts of its cities, in our inland regions, and along our coasts. The mountainous regions where new developments are being constructed have both pros and cons, such as unpredictable and unsafe living conditions. With new homes being built, you're also exposed to a large number of wild animals that could become a hazard if they invade your new home. It is not uncommon for older developments along hillsides to have these hazards and commonly, it is only after these predators have harmed properties, family members and loved ones that homeowners attempt to eliminate them.

Large or small mammals such as foxes, coyotes, deer, raccoons, opossums, venomous and non-venomous snakes, rats, mice and ground squirrels may be considered natural predators.

The purpose of this article is to highlight a hazard that should be of concern to homeowners who reside in the hills and have bought homes in these new developments where wild animals will potentially cause havoc, as well as how to prevent certain pests, including rattlesnakes. In a year, rattle snakes can lay between four and 25 eggs. Children, animals, and adults may be attacked with lethal bites and injected with venom, specifically affecting respiratory and circulatory systems and causing internal bleeding, posing a high risk of death for humans.

The best way to prevent having rattlesnakes invade your property is to snake proof or

snake fence your home. While some snakes can be beneficial in capturing rodents, others, such as rattle snakes can hurt lives, especially those of your pets and loved ones. Having a qualified service professional install snake fencing around your property line can, long term, reassure and protect you, your family and pets from these hazardous predators. They will also remove the rattlesnake if encountered on your property

If you have encountered rattlesnakes or even their eggs on your property, don't wait another day to give a qualified service professional at Speedy's Pest Solutions a call. With over 25 years of expertise in the pest control industry, they can snake fence your property.

They offer snake fencing in Stevenson's Ranch, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Calabasas, Woodland Hills within Los Angeles County and in Madera and Riverside Counties.

If you are experiencing rattlesnakes on your property or know that you can potentially can, use a proactive approach and don't hesitate in giving Speedy's Pest Solutions a call as soon as possible. They offer free inspections and can provide you with a same day quote.

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