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Ways to Keep Bed Bugs from Invading Your Home

Updated: Mar 21

Home sweet home. It’s the one place where we should feel safe and at ease; free from outside disturbances and from insects and vermin of every kind. Unfortunately, for centuries, at one time or another, bed bugs have always made their way into the cleanest homes. They are persistent in multiplying their offspring, inflict painful bites and are a detriment to human health. Speedy’s Pest Solutions will come to the rescue!.

Based in Los Angeles, we provide effective bed bug extermination for residential and commercial businesses through out the entire county. We also provide bed bug removal services to Fresno and Madera Counties. We are fully licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board in Sacramento.

Speedy’s will inspect, treat and eradicate bed bugs from your home for good. We know how bed bugs live, what they do and and what they are up to.

Contact Speedy’s Pest Solutions, and we’ll do the job for you, keeping bed bugs where they belong — away from your home! We’ll help give you back the safety and peace-of-mind you deserve. Regular home inspections and preventive measures are the safest route to pest-free living. Find out more by giving us a call today!

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